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With a focus on the large format package print industry, Huston Patterson deploys innovative processes using state-of-the-art technology and the best minds in the business to produce a wide range of products.


Our in house sheeter and Screen Computer-to-Plate System, allow us to handle every size job, efficiently and professionally with lightning-fast turnaround and a quality above the rest.


Litho Labels


With Huston Patterson's flexibility of equipment, we can produce almost any size litho label that you require, from a spot label to a full box wrap. Litho labels are usually printed on a 70 lb., 80 lb., and in the case of some POP's, 100 lb. paper that have been coated on one side at the paper mill. The coating is a high gloss finish, making the end product more attractive on the store shelves. In order to provide maximum flexibility and to be as cost competitive as possible, we buy most of our paper in rolls and sheet the rolls to accommodate the various sizes. Our printed product then gets mounted at a box maker by one of several machines, or by hand in some rare occasions.


The label is glued to a piece of corrugation that has been trimmed to size. After the gluing process is complete, the box maker will then die-cut and fold the box to its final size.


Top Sheets and Boards


Top sheets are printed on sheets of paper referred to as "board." The most popular board is between 10 thousandths to 24 thousandths of an inch thick. The board stock is coated on one side, which is applied at the paper mill. Board stock coating is not as glossy as the label stock.


The final manufacturing step on board stock is quite different than on label stock. On the board product, the box maker actually uses the printed board as a structural piece of the finished box. This allows the box maker to finish the box by mounting the printed board as the final step prior to die cutting and folding the box to its final size.


This process is referred to in the trade as "laminating to a single face." Single face means that the container (box) is initially made with only the single face "inside" and the "corrugated" middle section. Then, the pre-printed board is mechanically applied as the "outside" of the box. The manufacturing step that glues the label onto the box is eliminated.


Point of Purchase (P.O.P) Displays and Shrouds


The point-of-purchase P.O.P. display market is growing rapidly. P.O.P. displays can be produced by laminating litho label sheets to double-face corrugation or by laminating top sheets to single-face lamination.


Huston Patterson can produce litho labels or top sheets to help you produce innovative displays. Our shrouds have been placed in highly trafficked areas in some of the largest shopping centers in America


Special Products


Huston Patterson features a dedicated Special Products Division called Sigma Graphics. By employing an entire separate division, dedicated to the unique and evolving needs of our clients, we have enhanced our ability to provide them with innovative solutions.  We take an idea from concept, develop the best approach, design the right process and deliver the product you desire. Sigma Graphics is a “one-stop shop.”  Many printers say that, but we do it…everyday!


Commercial Printing

  • Brochures
  • Flyers
  • Direct Mail
  • Publications
  • Annual Reports
  • Point-of-Purchase Items
  • Collateral Items


Services (One-Stop Shop)

  • Design and Concept Layout
  • Writing
  • Graphics
  • Production
  • Distribution


Additional Product Specialties

  • Wall and Desk Calendars
  • In-house Bindery and Stitching, Collating Capabilities
  • Art Prints
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