Huston Patterson’s Strike Ends After 15 Months

Decatur, IL -- Huston Patterson Corp., a Decatur, IL, based large format package printer’s 15-month strike with Local 219M and District Council Four (DC4), Graphic Communications Conference of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters has ended.  The former production employees represented by Local 219M and DC4 walked out of Huston Patterson at 7:00 am on June 30, 2010. Prior to the strike, many hours of negotiating and committee meetings took place, but after 15 scheduled negotiating sessions (8 that were canceled by the Local 219M and DC4 committee) the company imposed the current “Terms and Conditions” on August 24, 2009. All employees worked under those Terms and Conditions for ten months before walking out.

“It is unfortunate that Huston Patterson and Local 219M and DC4 couldn’t come to an agreement. Communication about this contract began in March 2009 when I wrote a letter requesting a meeting. Our contract didn’t expire until May 31, 2009 but with the state of the economy I knew it was going to be a difficult negotiation.  I had no clue it was going to end up like this”, says Thomas Kowa, President/CEO of Huston Patterson Corporation. “Our last negotiating session was scheduled for August 30, 2011 in which the union committee was a no show.  After 30 minutes of sitting and waiting, I instructed our committee it was time to leave.  We knew something was going to change after that, but did not know what to expect.”

Huston Patterson Corporation and the former production employees represented by Local 219M and DC4 were scheduled to have a Decertification Election with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) yesterday, October 3, 2011. However, on Friday, September 30, 2011, Huston Patterson Corporation received a letter from Local 219M and DC4’s legal counsel stating they, “hereby disclaim interest in representing the production employees of Huston Patterson Corporation as defined in the parties’ expired collective bargaining agreement.” At that time, the NLRB cancelled the scheduled vote.

Kowa continues, “I am hopeful that our former employees find employment to support themselves and their families. It was a long and difficult two and a half years, but I am happy that it is over and we can focus on our future and the success of Huston Patterson, our clients, and our permanent replacement workers.”

As a world-class printing organization, Huston Patterson provides unparalleled value and performance, through the effective use of craftsmanship and technology, by incorporating the principles of trust, integrity and commitment.